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Saas-Fee, Switzerland – 10 Best Things to do during Winter

Alpine wooden chalets in Saas-Fee,Switzerland

If there is ONE image of a magnificent winter landscape that has left its mark on pop culture… it would be the one from Wham’s “Last Christmas” music video. However, did you know? that it was in fact filmed in 1984 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland?

In December last month, I went on a winter ski vacation at Saas-fee with my family, who came to visit us in Switzerland over Christmas. In today’s itinerary, I’m super excited to share with you the best things to do in Saas-Fee in winter!

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Weekend in Zurich, Switzerland – Ideas For a 2-3 Day Itinerary

Zurich! How can you miss this city when you are in Switzerland? If you are travelling on the VTL from Singapore to Switzerland, it would most likely would be the start/end point of your stay, since Zurich is the largest Swiss city and home to Switzerland’s international airport.

In this post, I’m here to help you navigate Zurich and to share with you some of the must-see/do places and activities! This itinerary is specially designed for a weekend, and can be covered easily in two to three days.

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Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) to Switzerland: Important COVID-19 Regulations to Know

Singapore Swiss VTL Covid Certificate

For all those wishing to ski in the snowy Swiss Alps, visit the famous Jungfrau and Matterhorn, wander through the Christmas markets, or enjoy the endless amount of cheese and chocolate this holiday season, such a thing is now possible for Singaporeans.

Since 7 November 2021, travellers from Singapore can travel to Switzerland through the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) without quarantine (ALAS, no dreaded 14 days SHN stuck in a hotel room!)

With growing numbers of people getting vaccinated and even boosted against COVID-19, travel is comparably a lot safer than it was last year. Still, with the emergence of the Omnicron variant, new travel restrictions have set in…and the ever-changing regulations has proven to be confusing for travellers.

If you and your loved ones are planning a trip to Switzerland, this post is written for you. I have consolidated all the important information you need to know to help you travel more safely, from Pre-Departure to Post-Arrival…So that no one brings home any unwelcome holiday presents!

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Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Rhine Falls in Switzerland

Rhine Falls Switzerland

Whether you call it autumn or fall, the season starting from mid-September to mid-December is a stunningly beautiful time in Switzerland.

Although I’m reluctant to say goodbye to the warm 30 degree summer days of gelatos, swimming in the lake and 10pm sunsets…Another part of me is excited to get out my knit sweaters and scarves, don on some boots and head out to enjoy the magical season of autumn!

This is the period when you wake up to cool, misty mornings, the mood in the air is slower, calmer…and the leaves start changing from green to vibrant hues of orange and gold.

If you are thinking of visiting the Rhine Falls in autumn from nearby Zurich, Schaffhausen or anywhere else in Europe, you’re in the right place! As part of Destination 6 of my Grand Tour of Switzerland: I will be sharing with you all the important tips and information you’ll need to enjoy a memorable trip to the Rhine Falls 🙂

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St Gallen and Appenzell, Switzerland: Top 10 Things to See + Where to Eat and Stay

abbey cathedral of st gall, in st gallen switzerland

Have you ever been to St Gallen and Appenzell? If you happen to be in East Switzerland, these two places should definitely be in your list!

This weekend itinerary is a great combination allowing you to discover Swiss cultural heritage while embarking on hiking adventures up in the alpine mountain pastures. In this blogpost, I’ve rounded 10 ideas for your trip!

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Valais, Switzerland: A Summer Travel Guide

View from Moosfluh Viewpoint, Aletsch Glacier

Not leaving on a jetplane just yet! We are continuing our Grand Tour for the second half of summer 2021, and this time, we arrived in canton Valais in the Southwest of Switzerlerland!

Here’s my guide for visiting Valais: an itinerary that will see you exploring pictureques vineyards and alpine villages, soaring high over the skies and wild, majestic mountains that will set your sense of adventure alight.

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What to do in Ticino, Switzerland in summer

Summer is here! Last year we spent it in Lugano with our friends and we loved our time SO MUCH. We were so excited this time about spending it coming back to this Italian-part of Switzerland, but to explore other cities around the region! If this continues next year, it seems like a trip to Ticino will soon become our annual summer affair!

We spent a fantastic week in Ticino, returning home with satisfied pot-bellies from all the feasting, and cameras loaded with beautiful summer travel memories. Today I’m all pumped up and excited to share with you all the stunning beautiful places in this travel itinerary!

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Moving House in Switzerland: 7 Reflections + FREE MOVING CHECKLIST !

A week ago, we moved house in Switzerland from Lausanne to Morges. If you’ve had ever moved house, relocated or been through a renovation process, you would know that it is a REAL roller-coaster ride of emotions. The stress, the chaos, the excitement and the exhaustion….there’s really only a few other things in life (maybe parenthood?) that can rival it in terms of intensity!

Looking back over the whole time, I have to admit there are many things that we could have done more efficiently and differently if I had my time over. The dust’s finally settled and I am sitting in my new living room typing this post to reflect about the whole process of moving house in Switzerland – the ups, the downs, and the honest reality of it.

I have also specially prepared a Swiss MOVING CHECKLIST compiled based on my personal experience, so stay till the end of the post!

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Top Things to Do in Lucerne, Mt Titlis and Pilatus

When travel returns to some normality in the near future, add the Lucerne-Lake Lucerne region to your must visit destinations in Switzerland. More specifically the iconic city of Lucerne, and the two mountain peaks in Titlis and Pilatus!

This is the second blogpost in my Grand Tour of Switzerland travel series in partnership with MySwitzerland. Catch up on my recent blog post in which I showcased some of my weekend highlights in Neuchâtel to add to your Swiss bucket list!

We spent a weekend here as part of our Grand Tour of Switzerland, and in this post I will be sharing with you all our itinerary and must-see/do activities. I’d also included a detailed comparison between Mt Titlis and Pilatus so you can decide which is the better option for you to visit so be sure to read till the end!

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Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland: 7 BEST Things to see and do

Wide Streets and parallel Buildings in La Chaux de Fonds

At last….Kicking off my latest project in 2021 with MySwitzerland: OLLIECHINNY’S GRAND TOUR OF SWITZERLAND!

In this year-long travel series, I will be sharing TEN various bucket-list worthy destinations with activities to do in Switzerland, which I hope would serve as an inspiration for you when planning your next Swiss trip! It’s already my third year in Switzerland but really, the number of sights and places to discover is ENDLESS. I hope you will be equally excited as I am and follow along my adventures!

Our first destination is at canton Neuchâtel in the French-speaking part of Switzerland! I don’t know why, but this region tended to be missed out when people visit Swiss Romande, preferring the Montreux Riveria or Lausanne, the Olympic city. However, did you know that in Neuchâtel, there is actually a watch-making capital (A UNESCO world-heritage site, no less!)?

Get ready to find out the 7 BEST THINGS to do in Neuchâtel: From watch-making, Old-Town scavenger hunts, to scenic nature hikes!

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