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5 Best Places for Coffee in Lausanne, Switzerland

best places for coffee in lausanne

If you know by the back of your hand the best places for coffee in your city, that’s a sure sign that you are well-integrated as an expat! After 1.5 years in Lausanne. I feel like I’m finally acquainted well enough with my neighbourhood, so much so that I now have my frequent haunts for coffee. Mainly for the days when I’m bored of drinking coffee from my old capsules, or when I’m just looking for a place to catch up with friends.

Unlike other majors cities, Lausanne is refreshingly devoid of an overkill of major coffee chains. What you will find instead are some independent roasters and small cafes. 

So get ready for a super caffeinated blogpost! From neighbourhood hotspots helmed by the most passionate of people, to bright and beautiful roasteries to chillax, here’s my personal guide to the 5 best places for coffee in Lausanne to hit up for your morning brew.

1. Coffee Page

Tucked in a 1930s-era building just south of Saint François, Coffee Page is a cozy café by millennial standards. Nordic and minimalist in design, it features a crisp, white colour palette with subway tiles, marble tables and indoor greenery.  Tall windows that streams in natural light make the place even more calming and inviting. This is also one of the more spacious coffee places in Lausanne, so I’d never have to feel guilty for taking up a table to chat with friends or read for a couple of hours!

Aside from coffee, you will also find a small, artistic selection of designer stationery, postcards and coffee table books available for purchase.

The menu is kept simple: think espresso, cappuccino, syrups, and cold brew. Hungry customers should definitely grab some of their Cannelé: A French pastry traditionally from Bordeaux, distinctly flavored with rum and vanilla.

Useful Information:

Coffee Page

Address: Rue du Midi 20, 1003 Lausanne

Non-Dairy Options Available (Oatmilk)

Contact: 021 211 32 38

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Friday 0800h-1800h
Saturday 0900h-1800h
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

2. Ça Passe Crème!

Small but mighty is the name of the game when it comes to Ça Passé Crème. Run by two long-time friends Davide & Steeve, this café is a stone throw’s away from the Gare and is a crowd-favourite amongst young Lausannites. Space is a little tight in here, with only a few benches with drawers for sitting, but that’s not what you’ll be focused on! There’s so many options for getting your caffeine fix here, from espresso, nitro brew to your classic flat-white, all made from premium 100% Arabica single origins from the Berlin roaster Bonanza.

The best part? Their menu is constantly updated with seasonal specials! Last autumn, I fell head over heels with the pumpkin spiced latté. During the winter there was the gingerbread mocha (perfect for Christmas), and this summer they offered Affogato: Espresso topped with avocado icecream! That’s exactly the reason why people like me keep coming back over and over again, because there’s always something new to try and be wow-ed.

Useful information:

Ça Passe Créme

Address: Boulevard de Grancy 45, 1006 Lausanne

Non-Dairy Options Available (Oatmilk)

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 0700h-1800h
Saturday 1000h-1800h
Closed on Sundays

3. The Coffee Project

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Sunday checklist: • Get TCP coffee ✅

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Don’t expect fancy coffee syrups or whipped cream here, just good, specialty coffee. At three years old, the Coffee Project has already earned high nods within Switzerland’s local coffee scene. Its prides itself for sourcing extremely high-quality, micro-lot coffee beans from single farms in Ethiopia, El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil. Based on the origin of your drink, you will be able to experience unique aromas, be it floral, spicy, chocolate or fruity notes. There’s bound to a type that you would like!

The last time I walked past the outlet at Rue du Grand-Pont 4, it looked like it has closed down or was under renovation. The only outlet left, I believe, is the one at Rue de Marterey. Fellow Lausannites: correct me if I’m wrong!

Useful Information

The Coffee Project

Rue Marterey 1-3, 1005 Lausanne

Non-Dairy Options Available (Almond milk, oatmilk and soy milk)

Contact: 021 311 46 48

Opening Hours:

Mondays-Fridays: 0715h-2000h

Mondays-Fridays: 0915h-2000h

4. Sleepy Bear Coffee

The first coffee shop ever opened in Lausanne, Sleepy Bear is set in the Grancy neighbourhood, just 5 minutes away from the Gare. Every time I visit, Diana, the lovely owner, is there to advise on your coffee choice according to your tastes. They offers various blends as well as filter coffee for those who like “lighter” coffee.

I used to come here often since it’s near the co-working space where I worked. Especially love their beautiful latte art. Sometimes when I’m lucky and I get a foamy, frothy sleepy bear!

Useful Information

Sleepy Bear Coffee

Rue du Simplon 3A, 1006 Lausanne

Non-Dairy Options Available (Free lactose milk, soya mik, almond milk, oat milk, pea milk)

Contact: 021 616 40 00

Opening Hours:

Mondays-Fridays: 0700h-1600h

Saturdays-Sundays: 0900h-1500h

5. Le Pointu

If New York has its Flat Iron Building, then here in Lausanne we have the Pointu! Housed under this iconic architecture is this all-day cafe, restaurant, bar, which serves both sophisticated fare and coffee at any hour you crave it. And on sunny days, the outdoor patio is especially inviting. It is extremely popular, so booking in advance is definitely recommended.

Le Pointu serves a reliably delicious brunch curated by blogger and interior designer Sofia Clara. The options? Dishes like Hey Bro, a local spin on the avocado toast, The Olivella (homemade black olive tapenade, arugula, Stracciatella, Salsa Verde, Ticino cured ham and roasted almonds). Whatever the choice, I always complement it with a perfectly balanced flat white.

Useful Information

Le Pointu

Rue du Simplon 3A, 1006 Lausanne

Non-Dairy Options Available (Oat milk)

Contact: 021 616 40 00

Opening Hours:

Mondays-Fridays: 0900h-0000h

Saturdays: 0800-0000h

Sundays: 1000-1600h

Coffee Festival by Swiss Coffee Connection

Also, on the 26 and 27 September, there will be the 3rd edition of the Swiss Coffee Connection Coffee Festival in Lausanne! This annual event is open to all, and hosts a series of workshops, coffee tastings and demonstrations. Coffee lovers and professionals will get to discover third wave coffee, the craftwork of local independents barista and experience coffee as an art. Be sure to check out the event!

 5 best places for coffee in Lausanne

I hope you’d enjoyed my post rounding up my 5 best coffee places in Lausanne! I’d earlier wrote another guide to visiting Lausanne, be sure to check that out too if you’re new to the city.

Do you live in Lausanne too? Are there any other local coffee places hat I’d missed out and you’d absolutely recommend? Share with me in the comments below, and perhaps we can even meet up for a cuppa together!

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