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Bonjour! I’m Olivia, but everyone calls me Ollie.

On 10 Feb 2019, I left Singapore and moved to Switzerland with my husband Vincent, who started his new job as data scientist at a local Swiss company. We rented out our apartment in Singapore, shipped all our belongings in a container, bade some pretty hard goodbyes, and flew ourselves halfway across the world to this foreign, beautiful, wine and cheese-loving country. It’s honestly the scariest thing we’ve ever done, but that alone is reason enough to do it!

Relocation is a huge complex struggle, often times a lonely journey, and I knew I needed an avenue to write down my own goals, passions and reflections. This blog was started with the intention of documenting my journey building a new life in a new place, as well as to connect with kindred spirits and my loved ones back in Singapore.

Things I love: numbingly spicy mala hotpots, historical fictions, libraries, the feeling after scoring a great shopping deal or an exhausting+ sweaty HIIT workout, snuggling in, watching Netflix on a rainy day, statement earrings, orange and mauvy lipsticks, balconies, nice-smelling candles, my goofy best friend and husband Vince. Not necessarily in that order.

I hope you enjoy the blog! Drop me a message if you have any questions at hello@olliechinny.com ūüôā

Love, Ollie

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