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Winter Holiday in Liechtenstein: 10 BEST Things to See and Do

skiing in Malbun, Liechtenstein

LIECH.TEN.STEIN. This name is difficult to spell…and might ring absolutely no bells. But in fact it’s a small country, just 1.5 hours outside of Switzerland!

Given the pandemic situation, Vince and I had ideally wanted to visit to have a break and go somewhere unique for the end-of-year vacation, but still not too far away from home for safety reasons. That was why we were so thrilled when we were invited by Liechtenstein Marketing to spend a weekend winter holiday in this princely state!

In this post, I’d be sharing with you all the activities you can do in Leichtenstein, featuring the Liechtenstein Museum & Adventure Pass. With four museums, a royal treasury to snoop around, plus a ski resort and fairytale castle, this itinerary has you covered for a fun and unique winter holiday!

Also, read till the end of the post for a fantastic giveaway 😀

DISCLAIMER: if you don’t feel comfortable travelling during this pandemic, save this list for later. Being a travel content creator, I know what an impact the lack of travelling has on the industry. I’d made the conscious decision to travel, but of course under compliance of the respective rules within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, and with consideration of mine and especially other people’s safety.

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A Beautiful Daytrip to Yvoire from Switzerland

For EU and Swiss residents, 15 June marked the re-opening of most European borders for summer travel. Our church friends, Adeline and Daniel suggested going on a daytrip to Yvoire. Vince and I jumped at the idea at once. It had been been 3 months of staying put at home ever since the Covid pandemic began, and we were brimming with excitement at the thought of travelling overseas at long last, even if it’s just for a day!

Note: With adequate protection of course, like wearing a mask in crowded, confined places, and observing hand hygiene.