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A Romantic Daytrip to Blausee, Switzerland

blausee emerald blue lake

Blausee is the fascinating gem of Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberlands, and one of the most famous lakes of Switzerland. It is distinctly known for its intense blue waters.

I had been saving Blausee for my travel bucket-list ever since arriving in Switzerland. Our church friend Xinhui happened to be visiting us for a week in September, so we’d thought it would be a perfect idea to head to Blausee for a daytrip together!

How to Get to Blausee

We bought the One day Saver Day Pass (with half-fare travelcard) around Switzerland for 49CHF/person. From Lausanne, we took a 2 hour train to Bern, and then another transfer to Spiez. From there, we hopped onto a slower train that winds through the Alps, all the way to the final destination at Frutigen. The ride is extremely scenic with majestic mountain views all around, so keep your camera ready for snapping!

After arriving at Fruitigen, take the bus 230 untill you reach “Blausee BE”. You’d know where to alight, because half the bus will get off at the same stop! The lake is located inside an idyllic nature park. The entrance fees are 10 CHF for adults and 6CHF for students.

The Lake

I remembered myself walking through the park with bated breath. Once the lake comes into view, it’s like stepping right into an extraordinary fairytale scene.

I’ve never seen a lake crystal clear as this! It’s like peering into glass; you can see everything right down to the bottom. I’d seen photos of Blausee online, and they showed exactly how the lake looks like in real life: in stunning shades of emerald and blue!

Apparently, there is a romantic yet tragic story behind the lake. Legend has it that there was a maiden with deep blue eyes, who fell in love with a shepherd. However, he died while in the mountains. The heartbroken maiden cried everyday at the lake over her deceased lover, and her tears transformed the waters to an eternal turquoise blue.

And why is Blausee so blue? Weel, it was actually formed after a landslide, and its crystalline blue colour comes from the underground mineral source that feeds it and the reflection of the sky!

Tips for Exploring Blausee

Come EARLY. As we came from the French side of Switzerland, travelling itself already took up nearly 3 hours. We started off our day super early and reached by 11am, which was good for lunch and exploring. Just don’t expect to be the only people there by then: Blausee is wildly popular and can get exceptionally crowded with tourists. In fact, I would recommend going on a weekday. Just so to avoid the onrush of people and to enjoy the lake all by yourself in a more peaceful setting.

Check the bus schedule if you are coming by public transport. The bus only comes every hour to and from the lake, so you would want to plan your schedule in advance so that you don’t end up stranded and waiting too long at the bus stop!

Take the boat across the lake. The price is already included in the admission fees! From the boat, you also enjoy a different perspective of the lake. There is a glass panel at the boat’s bottom, for passengers to fully admire the turquoise-blue lake and the trouts swimming inside. You will also be able to spot the sculpture at the bottom of the lake, in memory of the maiden.

organic trout swimming in blausee
boatman in blausee rowing across the lake
The boatman. He may look gentle and quiet, but he really has STRONG arms! I believe he rows about 30 boat trips a day.

Have a picnic! AVOID the park restaurant, because it is insanely expensive and not worth it. Instead, we’d packed sandwiches, fruits, cheese, and pasta, and set up our own little picnic by the lake! It felt so lovely basking under the sun, munching on food while enjoying the epic lake scenery.

enjoying a picnic in blausee

Visit the organic trout farm. Just head along the small path near the park restaurant, which lead to the breeding ponds. The pure mineral rich waters of Blausee makes it ideal for growing trouts. You can also pick out some trout products for gifts or for your own consumption at the gift shop near the park entrance.


taking a walk around blausee

Whether for hiking, picnicking or fishing, Blausee is a travel gem, where every relaxation seekers WILL get their money’s worth. I know there are so many other beautiful Swiss lakes out there, so Blausee might not exactly be the top of everyone’s list. But for me, it was a perfect daytrip to unwind, enjoy good company, and explore a different part of Switzerland!

Have you been to Blausee? Which Swiss Lake is your favorite? Send me your comments! 

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