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Festive Holiday Guide: Montreux Christmas Market in Switzerland!

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The Montreux Christmas market is arguably one of the best and the prettiest christmas market you can visit in Switzerland!

Every November to December, it takes place right by the city’s lakeside and offers an array of treats and activities for all ages.

With its beautiful twinkling lights, wooden stalls selling the most delicious treat and exquisite ornaments, it’s no wander why people from all over flock here to join the merriment of the season. Not exaggerating here, but a mere visit to the Montreux Christmas market can spark the Christmas spirit even in the most Scrooge-like visitors!!

Where is Montreux Christmas Market?

Located along the shores of Lake Léman with its snow-capped mountain backdrops, Montreux is a city located in French-speaking Switzerland.

montreux christmas market by Lake Léman, Switzerland

How to get to Montreux Christmas Market

Montreux is well-connected by train to major cities, and is less than an hour away from Geneva and Lausanne.

Unlike the ones in other parts of Switzerland such Zurich, Basel and Lucerne (typically made up of multiple smaller christmas markets), the Montreux Christmas Market is essentially one single main market that snakes along the city’s lakeside promenade.

By foot: To get to the Montreux Christmas Market, come down from the escalator right outside Montreux train station and cross the zebra crossing. You will see a flight of stairs with the festive sign which marks the start of the Christmas market. You can choose to head eastwards towards the Place du Marché. This is where you will find the Freddie Mercury Statue, the Ferris Wheel. Otherwise, turn right or westwards where you will find the long stretch of stalls.

If you want to take public transport, take bus 201 towards “Rennaz, Village” and alight at “Montreux, Marché”.

Montreux Christmas Market Opening Hours

When does the Montreux Christmas market start?

For 2022, the Montreux Christmas market starts on 18 November and ends on 24 December.

Is the Montreux Christmas market open on Sunday?

Yes, it is open on Sunday, and closes at 10pm.

Is the Montreux Christmas market till open after Christmas?

Unfortunately, no. 24 December is the last day of the Montreux Christmas Market! I had visited it last year on the very last day the 24th, and by then, most of the shops are already preparing to close or are vacated already.

My advice is to come latest by 21 or 22 December so you catch the market at its prime beauty.

Hours for the Montreux Christmas Market

You should take note that the hours for the Montreux Christmas market varies vary for the food and beverage booths and the artisanal booths. Check the Montreux Noël website for full details.

Where to stay in Montreux, Switzerland

In terms of where to stay in Montreux during Christmas, I will pick the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic in a heartbeat. I stayed there during my last trip to Montreux in April and fell in love with it. There’s two main reasons why I would wholeheartedly recommend this accommodation: One, it is literally RIGHT NEXT to the christmas market entrance, you can’t find any location any closer than this!

Secondly, to have the views of the lake and the christmas market scenes right in front of your balcony sounds like a holiday dream come true!

grand hotel suisse majestic, montreux switzerland

What to do at Montreux Christmas Market

Visit The Market, Duh!

The yuletide cheer is found in the lakeside christmas market.

Take your time to stroll under a canopy of twinkling lights while being inspired by different goods and ornaments sold by over 170 artisans and traders. You’ll find exquisite handicrafts and jewelleries, christmas decorations and wooden figurines for your homes, scented bath bombs and candles…just to name a few things!

Each stall is lavishly decorated and adds on to the festive, convivial atmosphere., even if you’d bought nothing, the experience itself is worth the time!

Flying Santa

Fairy tales do exist…in Montreux! One of the most enchanting highlights of the Montreux Christmas Market is the Flying Santa Claus. Every hour, market-goers can catch Santa as he gets pulled by flies across the sky on his fireworks-spewing sleigh! From above, he will shout out greetings, play on his guitar and sing christmas songs everyday until Christmas Eve.

This is a sight that would take one back to their childhood, and is certainly not to be missed!

You can catch the Flying Santa Claus daily at the lakeside promenade, between the Lumberjack Village and the Place du Marché.

Time: Daily at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm, plus 4pm on Saturdays.

Giant Ferris Wheel

Enjoy a view of Montreux and the surrounding lake and mountains from the top! While I didn’t take the ride up, the Ferris Wheel looks equally spectacular from the ground with its ever-changing lights.

On the Market Place, the Ferris wheel takes visitors high above the illuminations and enjoy a breath-taking view of the lake and the mountains. It costs 8 CHF for adults and 5 CHF for kids.

Eat at the Market Hall

If you’re feeling peckish, then head into the main festive market hall where there are dozens of stalls selling hot food and snacks. If you’re tired from all the walking, luckily enough there are tables and chairs inside for you to dine inside and also get some respite from the cold.

La Redoute House of Wishes

While you are at the market hall, don’t forget to make a wish at the famous House of Wishes of La Redoute! With over 12,000 wishes sent in last year, Santa has decided to extend the wishlist to 2022! Simply enter and leave your wish message. I took a little peak at what others had written and saw quite a myriad of wishes from simple ones for good health and happiness, to others wishing for a Hermes bag or a vacation to see the nothern lights, haha!

Depending on whether you are naughty or nice…your wish might actually just come true!  You can also send in a virtual wish here.

What to eat at Montreux Christmas Market

There are no lack of food options at the Montreux Christmas Market. Wander around, take in the scents and flavours of Christmas, warm yourself with mulled wine, and enjoy the atmosphere! Here are some food recommendations I suggest:

Vin Chaud (Mulled Wine)

Nothing screams Christmas like stand out in the cold with a cup of Vin Chaud (Glüwein)while looking at all of the passers-by! Sold across Switzerland and Europe during Christmas, mulled wine is essentially made up of red wine heated with spices, lemon and sugar.

It is THE festive drink of the season, to the extent that there are special decorated cups just for it! You pay a deposit for them (2 CHF) and get it back when you return them or just keep the cup as a souvenir of your visit. Best served hot and steamy in the company of good friends!

VIN CHAUD mulled wine at zurich christmas market

Swiss Fondue or Raclette

A typical Swiss classic would be Cheese fondue,which is essentially Swiss melted cheese dish served in a communal pot, paired with bread and potatoes and it’s absolutely DELICIOUS.

Its close counterpart raclette, is based on heating cheese and scraping off the melted part, then typically served with boiled potatoes.

Lately I have been preferring this over fondue as it is less heavy on the stomach.

Gaufres & Crepes: 

Gaufres, or waffles, are always popular to walk around a market with. You will usually find waffles and crepes from the same stall, and top it up with a slab of chocolatey nutella and bananas, my favourite combi!


Roasted chestnuts are found all over markets, and you can usually smell them roasting before you see them!

Apple Cider, Spiced Tea & Hot Chocolate: 

If you don’t want mulled wine or are non-alcoholic, these are great options and no less chrismassy!

Important things to note at the Montreux Christmas Market

There are a few important tips to remember when buying food and drinks at the Montreux Christmas Market.

First, it’s best to bring along some spare cash with you (in CHF, not Euros!) While credit card payment is mostly accepted, some stalls may not allow this mode of payment for items below a certain amount e.g. 10CHF.

Second, it’s best to come early to the Montreux Christmas Market by 3pm. This way, you get to see the market while it is still bright. Still, I like to stay for about 1 to 2 hours until dusk sets in to see the Flying Santa during night time!

What to buy at Montreux Christmas Market

If you are hoping to do some Christmas shopping, there are plenty of cool gift ideas that are available at the Montreux Christmas Market.

Metallic bookmarks

A great unique gift that caught my eye while exploring the Montreux Christmas Market are these special metallic bookmarks! They coming in a variety of mythical designs and will transform any read to look like a Book of Spells. Get this for yourself or the bookworm friend you have!

Wine Bottle Holder Metal Sculptures

From knights to robots, these metal sculptures hold your favorite bottle of wine and make you smile at the same time! It’s the ultimate gift for that wine-loving family member or friend of yours.

Swiss wooden frames

One item that is very unique to Switzerland are this black wooden frame that depict idealised scenes of traditiional alpine life. The woodmakers are certainly skilled, managing to cut away heavy sections of wood to create sillhouttes of mountains, sheeps, farmers and chalets! The black frame also creates a nice contrast and will definitely add a nice Swiss touch to your home.

Food Products

However, I think that for the most authentic local gift possible, you should consider buying local food products from the Vaud Region. From swiss chocolates and nougats, to delicious jams, spreads and honey, this would be the perfect foodie souvenir for yourself or for the hungry hordes of people waiting back home!

I hope you spend a magical Christmas in Montreux! If you are looking for further suggestions on what to do in December in Switzerland, the following posts below might be interesting for you to check out:

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