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The Adventure Begins + Our Swiss Bucketlist

So this is it. We talk about it, plan for it, prepared logistically for it 6 long months… and now after an exhausting 13 hour flight and a train ride from Zurich…We. Have. Moved. Here.To Switzerland.

Living abroad had never been part of my goals in life. Yes, it always did sounded amazing, but most of all it really just sounded like a faraway dream that wouldn’t happen to me. But here I am typing this back in my Lausanne apartment, toes and ears still feeling frozen from all the cold…learning to slowly adjust to these new surroundings. Some days I’m still trying to come to terms with how everything right now isn’t merely a case of an extremely overpacked trip!

In summary of how this whole move actually came about, Vince was part of the NUS Overseas Colleges programme, and had been interning for a local Swiss company in the first half of 2018. Sometime nearing the end of his internship in June, he was offered a full-time position to work as a data scientist along, with a relocation package for us to move to the company’s headquarters in Lausanne, at the French part of Switzerland.

While Vince had raised this idea to me excitedly,  my initial reaction was…well, one of skepticism. Moving to another country, another continent, was completely out of my comfort zone: The thought of uprooting ourselves, leaving our new home, my job, and packing up our lives to move halfway across the world away from our families was overwhelming, scary to say the least!

But over time, with prayer and assurances from our loved ones, the Lord calmed many of my worries and insecurities — even instilling a sense of quiet confidence in my heart. 

I was reminded that…

That thousands of other people have moved to different countries before me… and they all survived, and grew older, wiser and more resilient, with life stories to tell from the experience.

That hey… at least it’s Switzerland we are moving to, considered the safest country in the world with a high standard of living!

That at the end of the day, Vince is with me. That having married and chosen him as my life partner, I had also made the commitment to live out his dreams with him, no matter where it brings us to. 

But most importantly,

That even though moving abroad was never in my plans, it was always in His. 

Looking back, I’m extremely proud of Vince for working so hard and thankful to have a husband in him, who always see how nothing is too big or too crazy for us.

Now that we are not just visiting Switzerland as tourists, but actually calling it home for the next few years, I thought of coming up with our own little Swiss bucket list to plan out our goals, and narrow down what we would set ourselves to see, experience and discover. SO HERE GOES! 

Our second home: Lausanne, located an hour away from Geneva.

Our Swiss Bucket list

  • Go on a hike at the Swiss National Park
  • Learn swiss watch-making (and buy a Swiss watch as a keepsake!)
  • Visit the Rhinefalls
  • Head up to Jungfraufoch!
  • Stay or visit a farm
  • Go on a classic road-trip
  • Visit a Badi, (mineral, outdoor, indoor, anything works!) in the summer!
  • Sky-diving in Interlaken (If I have the guts to, and with the money to spare, that is!)
  • Learn how to ski
  • Attend a Swiss festival/carnival
  • Sleep outdoors in the mountains
  • Master French B2
  • Live in our own Swiss apartment!
  • Catch a sunset/sunrise in the mountains 
  • Take a swim, or have a picnic along Lake Geneva
  • Go on a weekend trip to Lyon/Annency in France with my family
  • Go to Grindelwald
  • Go down an alpine slide/mountain coaster! I’m reallyyy excited about this one!
  • Take the Glacier/Bernina Express
  • Enjoy freelancing for awhile!
  • Eventually work in Switzerland
  • Make our own cheese fondue at home
  • Have a summer barbecue!
  • Host a dinner for our Swiss colleague/ friends
  • Grow my own plants/spices at my huge-ass balcony
  • Go thrifting at local vintage stores and flea markets
  • Be able to hold a conversation with a local fluently in French
  • Become a recycling pro like the locals

I will be updating this bucket list periodically! If you are a local or someone familiar with Switzerland, and have any other ideas on where else/what more we should see/do/eat/try: do leave a comment down below, I would love to hear your suggestions!

The next few years will probably be challenging, messy, lonely, and frustrating. But it will also be wonderful, exhilarating, humbling and worthwhile. Honestly, I have zero clue as to where I’ll be in 1 year’s time, let alone in 10 years. But I have chosen to leave aside my plans and dreams, and trust that His ways are always higher and better than mine.

“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” Psalms 94:19

Love, Ollie

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