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Cherry Blossoms in Switzerland: The No. 1 Spot to Find Them in Lausanne!

girl under cherry blossoms in musee de l'elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland

Oh spring and cherry blossoms…we have been waiting for you since a long time! Here in Switzerland, we went through some pretty crazy weather in January and February, including having our skies turn a bizarre orange with sand particles blowing over from the Sahara desert!

So say goodbye to skiing, snowmen and sub-degree temperatures, it’s finally time for a riot of cheery spring colours!

In the past, I’d always thought that it is only possible to find beautiful cherry blossoms (sakuras) in Japan. But DID YOU KNOW? In Lausanne, there is actually a secret spot at Ouchy area where you can witness the blooming sakuras, with the same amount of splendor (minus the throngs of tourist crowds)? It is now my favourite way to kick off the spring season in Switzerland!

While we’re dreaming of faraway lands, we so often forget the wonders right in front of our doorsteps. In today’s post, let me help keep your wanderlust in check by showing you where to find the prettiest cherry blossoms in Switzerland, right in my city of Lausanne!


Stay Home Notice (SHN) in Singapore: 10 Positive Tips To Survive Your 2 Week Quarantine

It was the very last week of 2020, and Vince and I boarded the plane back from Zurich back to Singapore. We had planned for an annual visit to our home country every year. But this time, we had to hasten our return right before 31 Dec. This was after the new implementation by the Singapore Government that with effect 1 Jan 2021, the cost of the 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) for returning citizens who left Singapore before 23rd March 2020 would no longer be waived.

For overseas readers: The SHN is a requirement for citizens and visitors entering Singapore (regardless of origin) to serve a 14-day quarantine in a designated government facility (usually an assigned hotel room) before they are allowed to return home.

I have since served my 14-day SHN, and I felt compelled to share my personal story: Specifically 10 tips on how to survive and make the best of time during these 2 weeks of quarantine. Hopefully this can help other returning Singaporeans going through the same situation, or that it can at least help you to gain new perspectives!


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Winter Holiday in Liechtenstein: 10 BEST Things to See and Do

skiing in Malbun, Liechtenstein

LIECH.TEN.STEIN. This name is difficult to spell…and might ring absolutely no bells. But in fact it’s a small country, just 1.5 hours outside of Switzerland!

Given the pandemic situation, Vince and I had ideally wanted to visit to have a break and go somewhere unique for the end-of-year vacation, but still not too far away from home for safety reasons. That was why we were so thrilled when we were invited by Liechtenstein Marketing to spend a weekend winter holiday in this princely state!

In this post, I’d be sharing with you all the activities you can do in Leichtenstein, featuring the Liechtenstein Museum & Adventure Pass. With four museums, a royal treasury to snoop around, plus a ski resort and fairytale castle, this itinerary has you covered for a fun and unique winter holiday!

Also, read till the end of the post for a fantastic giveaway 😀

DISCLAIMER: if you don’t feel comfortable travelling during this pandemic, save this list for later. Being a travel content creator, I know what an impact the lack of travelling has on the industry. I’d made the conscious decision to travel, but of course under compliance of the respective rules within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, and with consideration of mine and especially other people’s safety.

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Is the Bernina Express Worth it? All You Need to Know Before Booking

Bernina Express Alp Grüm

When I first arrived in Switzerland, one of things on my bucket-list was to go on classic train experience across the Swiss Alps. Afterall, this mountain country is known for having one of the most beautiful rail routes in the world. I finally got the chance of a lifetime come true, when we were invited by Rhaetian Railway to experience the Bernina Express!

Now, there are many other paranomic train rides in Switzerland, the closest comparison being the Glacier Express. The cost of the Bernina Express can be quite hefty: potentially costing over 200 CHF per person during peak seasons for the full-length journey (unless you have relevant rail passes, more about that below). Thus, you might be seriously wondering if this train ride is seriously worth the hype, time and money.

To answer the question, I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide including on all the important must-knows for you prior to taking the Bernina Express: including the route highlights, how to buy your tickets, comparing the First and Second-class, where to stay as well as other travel tips so that you can have the most enjoyable experience. I was doing my research before the trip and I know how messy and hard it can to piece together all these information, so this should come in handy!

So sit back, read and prepared to be amazed!

DISCLAIMER: if you don’t feel comfortable travelling during this pandemic, save this list for later. Being a travel content creator, I know what an impact the lack of travelling has on the industry. I’d made the conscious decision to travel, but of course under compliance of the respective rules within Switzerland, and with consideration of mine and especially other people’s safety.

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Review: Enjoy the Best Relaxing Weekend at Hotel Saratz, Pontresina

Hotel Saratz, Pontresina

As part of a belated celebration for my birthday and our 9th dating anniversary, Vince and I went on the classic Bernina Express train experience last weekend. The day before our train trip, we were really glad to have been hosted by Hotel Saratz to spend a night at their beautiful resort in Pontresina!

We had a brilliant stay and it was just what the sort of relaxing staycation we needed after spending a lot more time than usual at home this year. So, I am excited to share everything about our trip with you and hopefully inspire much wanderlust to explore this region of Switzerland!

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27 Important Lessons I’ve Learnt at 27

important lessons at 27

(Warning: Long post ahead.)

Today, I turn 28. It’s not that big of a deal, I know. Afterall, it’s not the big 30. But now that I am at the point of no-return into my late 20s, I’d noticed that my lessons and priorities are much different of those from my younger carefree days, and worth penning down for reflection.

27 was a year of rediscovering myself. Of taking a long hard look in the mirror the past self, after 27 years of just floating through the noise.

As a middle child, I had always been a follower. I never gave much thought to who I was, or what my purpose is in this world. Because I didn’t need to. I only had to walk straight on the path already paved ahead for me and 99% of the time, life turned out pretty much fine.

I spent the entirety of my life absorbing the prescribed Singaporean ideals, beliefs and mindset on what it means to be wife, daughter, sister, employee. And then all of a sudden, I found myself thrown into a different world, where at every possible social event, they ask, without fail: “So, who are you?”. “Why are you here?”, “Tell me more about yourself”. “What do you do in life?”

What makes me, me? I didn’t have an answer to that. Because all this while, I’d only knew what I ought to be in this world, not who to be.

In a way, our move to Switzerland was a necessary part of my growth. Because by removing ourselves away from our past social circle of influence and living life independently, it allowed me the space I needed to re-examine every single part of myself—the good, the ugly, the hidden and the unconscious. It was frustrating having to undo all the past black and white lessons taught in my life. But I needed to come to the realisation on my own, that all that I once used to hold as absolute without questioning, were only illusions of another person’s subjective ideas and beliefs.

27 was the year I started listening to myself and learn to form my own judgement. Based on my opinion, not others.

So, this is my list of the 27 important lessons I’ve learned at 27. I’m openly sharing these lessons, with the hopes that they would bring you comfort and remind you of the light. I know too that I will be reading this list over and over again when life feels heavy and I need the reminder myself. 

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8 Hours in Fribourg, Switzerland: Best Things To Do

Fribourg has always just been the “next city after Lausanne” whenever we board the train for our Swiss travels. I’m not sure why we never found time to come here and explore it on our own, but thankfully we were invited by Fribourg Tourism to spend a day there, and that was when we discovered this hidden gem of a city that’s merely half an hour away from us!

Because I want to ensure you have the THE BEST time in Fribourg, I have prepared a an 8-hour itinerary for you to follow on a daytrip, with sights and things you must absolutely do whilst you are there.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Gruyères, Switzerland

gruyère landscape

In early March this year, I made a solo trip to Gruyères. It was a pity back then that Vince couldn’t join me, as he was away on a business trip. Thus you could imagine our delight when we were invited by La Gruyère Tourism on a full day visit to the region once again!

In this blog post, I will be sharing my daytrip experience in Gruyères. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to visit one day!